Macro data in the forex

Forex is the market that deals with the currencies associated with the most important economies of the world. In fact, the US dollar’s economical trend is associated with the monetary policies adopted by the United States; the Euro reflects the… Continue Reading

VPSs to work in the forex

The forex is a very liquid market on which the most important currency pairs related to the different nations are traded. One of the main attractive features of the forex, apart from the high liquidity and simplicity of executing transactions… Continue Reading

How to learn trading

Trading is most probably the best job ever because it allows you to work from home or any place that isn’t necessarily an office. It is comparable to self-employment because every trader is boss and responsible not only of himself… Continue Reading

PIPs in the forex

In technical language, it is easy to stumble upon terms that refer to price variations in relation to a specific financial security. However, working in the currency field and thus gaining experience in the forex, you will find for sure… Continue Reading

The currency market

The currency market represents the financial square where the most important currency pairs related to the strongest economic nations of the world are traded. The world currency system is dollar-centric: this means that the most important currency exchanges, namely those… Continue Reading

Fibonacci in the forex

Technical analysis is not an exact science – it is rich of facets and subjective interpretations of what the dynamics of forex might be. Nevertheless, one of the universally recognized concepts refers to theories and empirical usefulness of the Fibonacci… Continue Reading

Trade on online forex

Trading on forex means to work on the most important financial market, first in the world for exchange volumes and therefore for number of transactions executed per day. The forex is the virtual square on which currency pairs related to… Continue Reading